Final Reminders #TheBigClash

Please adhere to the information stated on this image


1⃣ Please Note: All online tickets are first come first seated. There are NO reserved seats.

2⃣ Event requires a valid ticket for entry. Strictly Over 18s only event.

3⃣ Government I.D. is a must!! Passport or Provisional/Full Drivers Licence

4⃣ Your ticket MUST match your I.D. – You can make changes to your ticket details by logging on to Eventbrite.

5⃣ By purchasing a ticket you have agreed to be featured in our photos and footage. #TheBigClash

6⃣ All online tickets have officially sold out. Limited tickets will be sold on the door for standing only.


The GameShow & Social

The Show will start at 7pm and the Social will begin from 11pm

Doors will re open for anyone who would like to attend the social but was unable to attend the actual GameShow

The Social is an opportunity for everyone to mingle, chat, drink and chill with other attendees. Music by our very own DJ DNA alongside MR VI. The bar will be open so you can purchase drinks for yourself and a new friend 😉



Loyalty Card @ The Final

We are introducing a Merchandise Loyalty Card at
The Big Clash Final 2015.

On request, members of #TheBigClash team will issue an attendee a loyalty card. We only have a few hundred cards available so ensure you show interest as early as possible so you do not miss out

Back to the matter…

So you will get a loyalty card that has 6 areas in which it needs to be stamped.

How Do I Get Mine Stamped?

You will need to purchase items from the merchandise stall. Once you have made a purchase you will get your loyalty card stamped.

What Items Give Me Stamps And How Many?

The following items will give you stamps:

  • TBC Replica TShirt – 3⃣ Stamps

  • Official TBC Mug – 2⃣ Stamps

  • Badges (Value of £1) – 1⃣ Stamp

  • Raffle tickets (Value of £1) – 1⃣ Stamp

  • Sweets (Value of £1) – 1⃣ StampLOYALTY CARDback

What Do I Do Once My Card Is All Stamped Out?

Go back to the merchandise stall. Hand in your completed Loyalty Card along with your details

How Many People Can Win, And What Do I Win?

Up to 20 attendees can win a Prize. Prizes are selected at random and vary from

  • Free Ticket to #Plus1 (End of Season Party)

  • Free Ticket to any show in Season 5*

  • Free Gifts

And More!


See you at The Final!! 💃💃

Merchandise & Drewscakes


Our amazing Merchandise team will be selling mugs, badges, sweets and treats at #TheBigClash final. And our Partner; Drewscakes will be selling a variety of his special made cupcakes ☺️

So make sure you bring along extra cash to make a purchase.

Also we have a #TBCRaffle on the night. 1 Luckyyyyy winner will receive a hamper filled with goodies.

Wanna know what is going to be in it… Well……👀

A little birdie said there are numerous vouchers, TBC Merchandise, wine, DrewsCakes and more

So when you visit the Merchandise stall, buy a raffle ticket or 4, and win that HAMPER! 😁 😁


On the day of The Final….

As everyone is well aware, TheBigClashFinal2015 is this Thursday.

Here is a reminder for all when it comes to tickets on the night.

  • Those with tickets that were purchased online are guaranteed seats for The Final.

  • Those who want to pay on the door; these tickets are standing only. All seats are set aside for those who have already purchased their tickets.

  • Ticket sales on the door are limited and start from £25

  • The event is STICTLY 18s and over. The venue are very firm when it comes to this, so please ensure you only attend if you are of age.

  • ALSO everyone MUST bring Government ID. Passport/Driving License.

  • The venue also has a NO RE-ENTRY policy. So once you are in that is it. If you leave you cannot re-enter. So ensure you have all the essentials you need. There is a bar and cakes and treats will be sold on the night so you should be fineeeeeeeeee.

  • Please do not remove your wristband once it has been placed on your wrist

  • Zero tolerance on any misconduct from audience members and guests.  The Big Clash Team have the right to refuse entry on this basis



cropped-blog_header_f15.jpg Video

Who Will Win The Big Clash Final 2015?

4 Teams 💛💙💜❤️ 1 Show ✴️🚹⛎🅾 1 Winner 📙📫🔮📮  #TheBigClashFinal 7 Day countdown!!!  WHO WILL WIN?

Who Will Win #TheBigClash Final 2015 and be crowned Season 4 Champion? #TeamUH? #TeamBCU? #TeamSSX? Or #TeamMCR?


Hertfordshire | #TeamUH  The team wearing orange at #TheBigClash Final 2015 🍊



Birmingham City | TeamBCU The team wearing blue at #TheBigClash Final 2015 💙


Sussex | #TeamSSX The team wearing Purple at #TheBigClash Final 2015 🔮





Manchester | #TeamMCR The team wearing Red at #TheBigClash Final 2015 🎈

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 01.01.52 Video

Learn The Lyrics to PYUD ft TheBigClash Shut Up Parody (Stormzy)


#TheBigClash – The hosts with the mosts #PYUD (@PureYinkzand @Uncle_De)

…With their Cover of ‘Shut Up’ by Stormzy in the run up to them presenting their 4th Big Clash Final. The duo have hosted 70 shows together and show off a bit of their on-stage style and banter through this parody freestyle.


You can catch them on July 16th hosting #TheBigClash Final 2015

Watch Full Video here –

If you’re not there? Oi Rude Boy SHUT UP!!!


Bare host try say they better then we
Tell them man shut up

Tweeting, asking about video release, aye rude boy shut up

Come against PYUD

Come on man, look at the big clash squad tell everyone

Couple man call us back up dancers
On stage at the shows we’re BACK UP DANCERS
If that makes us backup dancers
big clash tag me
The man in Bonkz pic
Man wanna chat about back up dancer
Man like me with a mic, how can I back up dancer?

Big Clash colours everywhere we go
6 cars deep and the whole team rolls
Cross country another sold out show
Gameshow done but dont go home

Everyone’s welcome you can stay
until the coach driver’s like “Ayee”
Tell a man chill its not too late
There’s no problem we dont rave

Yeah we’re the best, we’re so cocky
Two man up and we host shows properly
We set trends, bare man copy
They take notes, while we just shoki
They move sarft, they move soggy
we get rude they get worried
If you wanna book us two to host your show
Then dargy you best have money!

If you’ve got a big clash ticket bring it out
All the door staff dont take mouth
If you wanna pay on the door we’re about
We’re not gangsters we’re just about
you see my man over there with the stamp
I Dare one of you man try sneak round
Coronet security move so foul, ……………..
Nowadays all of the show sold out

We’re big men in this ting
Not boys
We touch mic
Make the crowd make noise
You touch mic
Make the crowd go dead
should have been in the crowd instead
If you’re gonna come on are stage Do it right
Don’t show nerves man The game shows live
I remember One time
I asked man 5 times 3
AND A MAN SAID 1.5!!!!


#TBCStream & #TagMe2015

This Friday #TheBigClash are going live online with #TBCStream!!


You will be able to

Interact with the team and finalists

Play Games

Win a Competition (Could it be a free ticket to the Final or Merchandise…? Who knows. Tune in to find out)

And of course… Music


We will be releasing the anticipated new mix by DJ DNA called #TagMe2015

With non stop vibes, the mix will keep you going and won’t disappoint!


So make sure you lock into The Big Clash Live Stream on Friday from 10pm

In the mean time why not check out the mixes we have available on our soundcloud






I’m going to keep this short and simple. Just like the survey is. (Complete it and you’ll understand)


The Big Clash would like you (Yes You) to complete this survey in order for us to gain an understanding into who our audience are, what you like dislike and what you would change given the opportunity to.

*You will also be able to add some comments at the end so please feel free to do so.*

All feedback will be analysed and taken on board and who knows, your suggestion may cause a change in the way we do The Big Clash


By completing the survey you will be entered into a prize draw to win 2 FREE tickets to this years Final! Can you believe it??

As always terms and conditions do apply.

Please click on the picture below to be redirected to the survey.


One entry per person. Winner must be 18+. Participants and Team Reps are not eligible to win.


“Please hold as we are currently trying to connect you to the right department, thank you for waiting”.


Personally, I would have hung up by now but then again I already know so… You know…



Anyways, hi ladies and gents. Another season almosttttt done. We’ve come to the last stage, the boss level, the oga at the top (You catch my drift).


The BIGGEST event of the summer is here! #TheBigClashFinal2015. You may have seen the hashtag, which is the title of the post, if not, well now you know.


Tomorrow, The Big Clash have major announcements to make but to hear them you will have to tune into Pulse88Radio; #TheCertifiedShow with Shay (TBC’s very own Shana #TeamGetBad) and Nay from 11pm-1am to hear the following:

final15_certified– The location of the final

– The date of the final

– Video Release info 

– Ticket Release info


So follow #TheCertfiedShow as well #TheBigClash and make sure you tune in.



Keep it Crazy!

Keep it Wild!

Keep up the Smiles!



(Just know you’re basically still on hold, consider this blog post your waiting music)