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The Big Clash Finalists 2015

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So there we have it…

After 17 shows we now have the 4 teams who will battle it out to become champions of this season.

We have #TeamMCR who have successfully gone through their battles with ease knocking out their competition. Not bad for their first debut right?


We have #TeamBCU, who didn’t win their clash but went through as best Runners Up (Read this blog post to understand how semifinalists were chosen) but have everyone from Birmingham supporting them


We also have #TeamUH, they aren’t newbies to #TheBigClash but with a good crowd supporting them they are ready to show us what they can bring to the table


Lastly we have #TeamSSX, strong winners of the 1st gameshow of Season 4. Can they win the whole season? We shall see



So we know who is in the final… But who do you think will be crowned champions of The Big Clash 2015..?

Get voting below!!




final artwork TBC




The Big Clash Final Team Colours

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Team colours will be announced on Friday for #TheBigClash Final 2015 – Picked at random on Snapchat


Will we have new colours???


Which team will get the cursed Green Tee??


Find out on Snapchat on Friday… (Tomorrow!!)

 #TeamMCR #TeamBCU #TeamUH & #TeamSSX Are you ready??

Add us “TheBigClash”


FullSizeRender (1)

Some #TBCFacts for you…

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Did you know…

  •  We have had 17 shows. 27 teams. And over 70 different participants. It is the MOST The Big Clash has EVER had in one season. Oh and there’s still The Final to come *Cue round of applause*


  • The curse of the Green Tee” – Ever since The Big Clash final 2014 the Green T shirt is apparently cursed. Lets break it down for you.
    At the 2014 Final the team that wore green was knocked out first. Sadly that was #TeamNN2.
    Then when we had our 1st ever 3 way against the in Birmingham #TeamUOB accumulated the lowest score and came in last position.
    Thennnnnnnnnnn *Breathes* In the 1st 3 Semi Finals, the teams that wore Green (#TeamAU  #TeamNN2 & #TeamARU) were the 1st to get knocked out.
    *Breathes again… Almost there* In the Final Semi Final, #TeamCCCU who wore green weren’t the 1st to get knocked out, but didn’t win….
    So is the curse technically broken or will it remain?
    We wonder who will be wearing the “CursedGreen Tee at the final?


  • In the 2014 final we had 3 Male Captains and 1 Female Captain. And now for the 2015 Final we have 3 Female Captains and 1 Male Captain. Gender means nothing. May the best team win :)


  • In Season 2, the winner of the 1st clash of the season were crowned champions; that was #Team ARU. Then again in Season 3 the winner of the 1st clash of the season, #TeamMDX were crowned champions. Does that mean the same thing will happen for #TeamSSX? Who knows…


  • It takes roughly two-three weeks to edit a full episode for everyone to watch on YouTube. All of the footage does take a while to file through, yet this season we’ve provided 590 minutes of entertainment thus far.  “When’s the next video coming out” you say? S o o n :)


  • After episode 7 of Season 4 we banned the word VIM… Yes we did. You don’t have to thank us.



  • We introduced 3 new games during #Season4 which were #WhoSaidThat #SpellCheck and #WrongAnswer which has had a good response from the audience. Yaay!!

GamesLogo_WrongAnswer Games_TheBigClash_SpellCheck (1)

  • For TheBigClash Semi Finals we removed a couple of our popular games to see how creative the teams could be without the crowd favourites; #SuBuMu & #DanceLikeMe

  • At the start of #Season4 we introduced a feature for the game #TagMe called #DoubleTrouble. Two people come out and perform side by side. It can be:

    a) synchronized 

    b) a duo performance 

    c) freestyle  

  • Records are there to be broken. Some teams claimed their first wins this season: #TeamCCCU #TeamMCR #TeamWolves #TeamLesta & #TeamBourne.


  • But these teams are yet to win a clash: #TeamRoe #TeamPompey #TeamNTU #TeamUoB #TeamStaffs & #TeamUoS. Maybe in #Season5 that will change.


  • Manchester debuted in Season 4 and have made it all the way to the final in their 1st season. Other teams that debuted in #Season 4 include Wolverhampton, Bournemouth and Staffordshire. Both Bournemouth and , Wolverhampton won their respective gameshow



  • The video with the most views this season (So far) is the Gameshow of DMU V COV, which has 43,000+ views to date 


Tweet your fav fact and don’t forget to hashtag #TheBigClash :)

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More to come so keep your eyes posted :)

TBC To The Streets

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In life you have your A team, the team that does the job day in, day out. However when there is something the A team can’t do…

The B team steps in.

The Big Clash this season have brought together a number of individuals that they believed shared the same ethos and mentality as the main team and created:


(crowd cheers, confetti drops, aunties and uncles putting money on your forehead)

#TeamSmileys role is to fill in the gaps The Big Clash main team aren’t necessarily able to do due to everything crazy and wild that happens.

An example of this was TBC to the streets. This was a marketing day that took place in Stratford completely organised by #TeamSmileys.

The end product of a very eventful day is here for everyone to view.

This will not be the last that you see of #TeamSmileys

The official introduction to the team will be posted on the blog so keep a lookout for that.

Photo 13-12-2014 20 03 06

“We sure did put Smiles on everyone’s faces, after all, we are the Smileys” – Olayinka

“Team Smileys a dynamic team formed to make an impact, A bunch of unique individuals when put together create something crazy wild and that will make u smile” – The prep for the marketing day was good and very organised, only had one rehearsal before the day and the flashmob came out great, overall I had an amazing time and it was a very good experience, looking forward to working with the team 2015 #LETSGETIT – Manny

Photo 13-12-2014 20 03 00

The day was superb overalll! Team Smileys were able to take The Big Clash to the streets and give people a slight taster of what the gameshow is about. – Denise

TBC to the streets was a well planned out venture, which we did to involve the public and in general wider the public we attract. It was a day filled with fun, games and SURPRISES! – Enitan

Photo 13-12-2014 15 43 04

It was so live recording on the day of TBCToTheStreets and much easier with a certified group. – Femi

Tbc to the streets was a lot of fun, it was great to show people what a The big clash is all about. It was also the start of something great for Team Smileys, watch this space! – Rianna

Photo 15-12-2014 10 08 39

This will not be the last though. Don’t sleep on Team Smileys because we will be coming back with something bigger and better :) The Big Clash ‘To The Streets’ was to show people what The Big Clash is about and YOU…the audience how we market Team Smiley style! – Dorsha


The Big Clash is crazy, wild and makes u smile…. Team Smileys are here to make sure u keep smiling – Moses

Photo 14-12-2014 11 13 36

So keep an eye out on us & prepare for what we’ve got planned because we’re crazy, wild and we’ll make you smile!!

Watch this space, cause’ Summer time we go back to the streets. With more people. More Smileys and a Bigger Flash Mob?? *Emoji Eyes*

The Banter Videos

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With all the Banter Videos released from all 27 teams, we have seen who has banter and who maybe needs to read up on their revision notes.

Now is your chance to choose who you think had the best banter video, with each video to give you a little reminder…


Let’s make this a littleeee bit interesting…
How about we make this into a competition. The university with the highest number of votes by Wednesday 28th of January 7:59pm, they can give a friend of their choice a free ticket.
Yep that’s right. Each team member can give a friend a free ticket to a Semi Final of their Choice.  *wink wink*

So that’s not one, not three but FIVE tickets. Let the team know you supported them and tweet “#TheBigClash Best Banter Video. I VOTED FOR #Team…. “ Who knows they might give the free ticket to you… Get voting and get tweeting!!

#TeamPompey v #TeamSussex

#TeamUH v #TeamLufbra

#TeamARU v #TeamNN2

#TeamMCR v #TeamNTU

#TeamDMU v #TeamCOV

#TeamLesta v #TeamBeds

#TeamStaffs v #TeamWolves

#TeamAston v #TeamBCU v #TeamUOB

#TeamUKC v #TeamKU

#TeamMDX v #TeamBRU

#TeamRoe v #TeamCCCU

#TeamBourne v #TeamSolent

#TeamUOS v #TeamBRIG


Vote for your favorite in our poll.


Welcome To Our Blog

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Welcome To #TheBigClash Blog!!

This is the one and only official blog for The Big Clash; the blog consists of all news and information regarding the teams, testimonials from different seasons and also interactive activities such as voting.

The Big Clash is a live and entertaining Gameshow, that was founded in January 2011, and is now in its 4th season with many universities making their debut appearances. Founded by Yinka (MrKookies), the aim of The Big Clash was to provide an alternative event. new more fun focused, socially captivating and an experience making opportunity to Community Groups, Cities and Universities. Something that had never been achieved before.

The Big Clash team consists of individuals from various backgrounds who all have a vision, a vision of making The Big Clash a known name. Every member within the team is hard working and dedicated, that personal time is now a thing of the past.

During the Gameshow, contestants will find themselves eating, drinking, dancing and answering questions to gain points for their respective teams. The aim is to provide an interactive, as well as a fun-filled event, presenting opportunities for a great social evening all in the name of fun and laughter. Popular games include #SuBuMu, #DanceLikeMe & #TagMe

It’s crazy. It’s wild. And it will make you smile!! It’s TheBigClash

   Enjoy Browsing!!


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Semi – Final

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Thes4semifinal_logo Big Clash Semi – Finals 2015

For the first time ever, The Big Clash will have Semi – Finals to decide the final four teams that will battle it out in The Big Clash Final 2015.

The Big Clash Final 2014
The Big Clash Final 2014

Here we are going to explain the process of how teams qualify for the Semi – Finals:

Firstly this season we have 27 teams (The odd number due to the Birmingham 3-way) participating in The Big Clash, the most we have ever had! Therefore we required a way to fairly judge these teams and allow them all to have an equal chance of progressing to the finals.

Finalists 2014
Finalists 2014

The major twist for the semi – finals is that the following 3 games will NOT be played:


– How Well Do You Know 




– Dance Like Me




– Speak Up, Break Up, Make Up





This is to see how strong, creative and original these teams are without having the major games of The Big Clash.

First and foremost EVERY team has a chance of getting to the semi final, even if you lose you have a chance of getting into the Semi Finals.

The Semis are designed where no team should compete against a team that have already faced this season.

From these 27 teams there will be 13 winners.

These 13 winners all have a better advantage of getting to the semis than the 14 runners up.

The semi finals will all be 3 ways divided into 4 shows, meaning the semi finals will contain 12 teams.

The 12 teams that get into the semis will consist of:

– 8 winners

– 4 runners up

How The Teams Make It To The Semi – Finals

The teams are judged and rated by 10 senior members of The Big Clash events team.

There is a criteria that they are ALL  judged and rated on where each judge scores every single team out of 5 points.

Winners gain an extra 5 points for winning their clash where as runners up receive 0 points.

Once decided, all 12 teams that have been selected will be placed in a draw to see who they will face in The Big Clash Semi – Finals 2015.

Semi-Final Poster




1. Where and when will the Semi Finals be taking place?

Greater London & Midlands. Locations to be confirmed. All Semi-Finals for #TheBigClash are being scheduled for March 2015: 25th, 27th, 28th and the 31st. Put these dates in your diary.

The final
FInal 2014, Queue


2. How many teams per Semi Final?

Each Semi Final will consist of 3 Teams, wearing Blue, Red & Green

Champions [2014]
Champions [2014]

3. What teams will be considered for the Semi Finals?

All teams that have participated in #Season 4. So both the winners and the runners up

drews cakes final 2013
Official Partner Drewscakes


4. How will they be picked?

10 members of #TheBigClash team will vote out of 5 using the categories provided by Management. A table will be drawn up after the total votes have been put together. The top 8 winning teams and the top 4 runners up will proceed to the Semi Final.

photo (12)
Portsmouth vs Sussex Audience


5. What are the categories they will be judged on?

1. Banter: Judged through team interactivity and performance on the day. Any banter considered too personal or foul will be given and automatic score of 0. This does include banter videos.

2. Creativity: It’s always better to be creative than to be dull. Creativity is what we like to see. So express it well

3. Crowd: The crowd are a representation of the team, ensure the support is genuine.

4. Entertainment: The team must entertain the crowd and have as much fun as possible.

5. Originality: How original is the team? Fans of The Big Clash appreciate team that provide immense originality and that is where the respect is won

6. Team Effort: Effort given by the team as a whole. Everyone must have some sort of influential input

7. The Team Rep/ACS: The relationship between the Team Rep and The Big Clash is very important. They are the link between us and the team so must be a positive relationship

8. Team Members: A 5-Star team will get 5 points. If it is a 1 man team, that will give the team just 1 point. The team must come together and be the one to look out for.

9. Home Team – Hospitality: Work ethic, character and hospitality will be looked at by the Events Team. Make us feel at home

9. Away Team – Reliability: Work ethic, character and reliability will be looked at by the Events Team. Efficiency is key when working with us.

 10. Win/Lose: Losing isn’t too bad this season if the above categories work in the teams favour. At the same time, winning becomes pointless if they don’t follow up by getting maximum scores on the other categories.

Featured Pic
PYUD x Audience Backshot


6. Can the teams change their members if they get through?

Yes. They can change a maximum of 3 players.

Contestant x Brunel vs Westminster


7. When will tickets be available?

End of February/Early March

MrKookies x Martin x Ivan


 8. How much will tickets be?

Tickets will be priced at the normal pricing. Coach tickets will also remain the same.

TBC To The Streets


 9. If my team doesn’t make it to the Semi-Final’s what happens?

Their journey for season 4 ends. However the team will still be invited as guests at The Final 2015

Charity Football Match | Finalists vs The Big Clash Team


10. If my Uni is in the South-Coast will we still be put in a show in the Midlands?

This is very likely although realistic travelling issues will be taken into consideration.

Bonkz 2


Still have a question? Post it under this blog post and we will add & answer it as soon as possible. :)

Tweet us a random emoji if you read this till the end. #TBCSemiFinals *emoji*


The Big Clash 2015 Official Mix by DJ DNA

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2015, New Year, New Blessings and a New Mix!

Once again our official DJ, DJ DNA, has done and it again and has given you wonderful people a brand new mix to play for this season. To go along with the old school mix he decided to be kind and add another mix to your already assorted The Big Clash lifestyle.

Check out our instagram for a sneak peek:

Listen here to the full  2015 mix:


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The countdown begins with 17 days left until we resume season 4 of The Big Clash.

We have added TWO fixtures to the already exciting schedule of season 4 for all TBCites out there…

(I like that one, TBCites. If you say cities then I don’t know for you.)

The new confirmed fixtures are:


Kent vs Kingston

Two of season 3’s finalists going head to head straight away.

Bournemouth vs Solent

A The Big Clash debut for Bournemouth against season 3 participants Solent.

Make sure you grab your tickets not only for these two new additions, but also for the other 4 clashes too as tickets are still available. Get them from

It’s Crazy, It’s Wild, It will make you smile.

It’s The Big Clash Gameshow.


The Big Clash #Season4 Mixes by DJ DNA

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Aye? Swear DJ DNA; The official DJ for The Big Clash has come out with another mix?

Wait? He’s coming out with TWO? Nah what have we done to deserve this…

Going on with our season of giving to you all, The Big Clash have two new mixes for Season 4 for you all to vibes to and enjoy.

All I can say is…

DJ DNA what we telling them?




TBCSC – The Big Clash Selfie Challenge

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The Selfie Challenges is about taking pictures and creating crazy memories the Big Clash way. ’ – SBA

When the TBC Selfies first began, it was about taking pictures of yourself, the moments and uploading them on Snapchat and Twitter. But now, it is official with prizes to be won and so much more.

New Season, New Additions.

A few of the Selfie Challenges have either been taken out or revamped to another level of craziness!  However the selfie challenges Random Smooch, Photo Bomb, Opposites Attract and EnRoute and TBCSelfie will remain the same.

Oh-So-Smiley  – You must pull at least 2 faces that looks exactly like any of the 15 smileys. The best look-a-like smiley(s) win! Simple as that, but there is one condition, you must put your own crazy twist on it. So for example, if you’re going to reenact the kiss face, maybe do it with one eye open and a finger up ya nose! Remember it has got to be crazy!


Full Team – The original version of this challenge was to take a cool selfie with someone wearing a team colour. But it’s been revamped to another level. You NOW have to take a picture with the entire team, home or away, it has to be all 5 members of the team.

TBCSelfie – Originally, all you had to do was take a wild photo with a member of the Big Clash Team. NOW? You have got to take as a picture, which still has to be wild, with as MANY members of the team as possible. Bearing in mind there are 21 members of The Big Clash Team, so that is a crazy and wild challenge for you guys to conquer!

If you really want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, why don’t you remix the challenges and Pull A Smiley, En Route the Big Clash Gameshows? Or Give A Random Smooch to one of the TBC members whilst taking a TBC Selfie?

The TTGC Selfie *New*

‘Time to get crazy’ is The Big Slash’s slogan. So we’ve added a new type of selfie challenge. Here’s your chance to show how crazy you can get.

Requirements : Take a picture of yourself creating a crazy memory. It has got to be the craziest selfie you have ever taken in your life! You must hashtag the picture #TTGC.  – It has got to be as original, imaginative and as creative as possible!

Fun and simple as that !

Its time to get snapping !



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“Please hold as we are currently trying to connect you to the right department, thank you for waiting”.


Personally, I would have hung up by now but then again I already know so… You know…



Anyways, hi ladies and gents. Another season almosttttt done. We’ve come to the last stage, the boss level, the oga at the top (You catch my drift).


The BIGGEST event of the summer is here! #TheBigClashFinal2015. You may have seen the hashtag, which is the title of the post, if not, well now you know.


Tomorrow, The Big Clash have major announcements to make but to hear them you will have to tune into Pulse88Radio; #TheCertifiedShow with Shay (TBC’s very own Shana #TeamGetBad) and Nay from 11pm-1am to hear the following:

final15_certified– The location of the final

– The date of the final

– Video Release info 

– Ticket Release info


So follow #TheCertfiedShow as well #TheBigClash and make sure you tune in.



Keep it Crazy!

Keep it Wild!

Keep up the Smiles!



(Just know you’re basically still on hold, consider this blog post your waiting music)

The Big Clash Semi Final Review: CCCU v SUSSEX v KU

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“Kingston. In or Out, your team is?”


“And that is the correct answer, your team is knocked out”

 Line Up

The last Semi Final brought us to The Lost Theatre with winners CCCU and SUSSEX and runners up KU battling it out in their clash to see who would join MCR, BCU and UH in the biggest event of the summer #TheBigClash Final 2015.

All teams came into this semi final prepared and ready to take part in a very different clash with twists and #ItsAllOnYou added on the games.

Here’s how the rundown for the third Semi Final went:

s4 rundown

(Winner of each game highlighted in the colour)

The Semi Final had a knock after the first 5 games.

After the first 5 games, they have no relevance to the final 3 games. Meaning how you have performed in the first 5 games has no effect on the last 3 games.

The Entrance (Twist): CCCU – SUSSEX – KU

The Entrance

I Love My Chicks (Twist): CCCU – SUSSEX – KU

I Love My Chicks

Who Said That: CCCU – SUSSEX – KU

Who Said That

DJ Play My Tune (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): CCCU – SUSSEX – KU

Dj Play My Tune

Wrong Answer (Twist): CCCU – SUSSEX – KU

Wrong Answer



Ballin’ (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): CCCU – SUSSEX


Krazy Karaoke (Twist): CCCU – SUSSEX

Krazy Karaoke

Tag Me (#ItsAllOnYou) CCCU – SUSSEX

Tag Me

And there we have it, SUSSEX winners of the first clash of the season make up the final spot for #TheBigClash Final 2015.

With such great clashes throughout the while season we finally have the fatal four way which will decide who will become season 4 champions.

See you guys there :)

Last Pic

The Big Clash Semi Final Review: UH v ARU v UKC

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“UKC Entertainment!

Tell Papi Abz to leave the premise!”

Line Up

Our third Semi Final of #TheBigClash Semi Finals 2015 was held at a venue that holds significant value to #TheBigClash as it held season 2 final. Winners UH and UKC and runners up ARU came together in Dingwalls in London to face off to decided who gets the 3rd spot in #TheBigClash Final 2015.

All teams came into this semi final prepared and ready to take part in a very different clash with twists and #ItsAllOnYou added on the games.

Here’s how the rundown for the last Semi Final went:

IMG-20150329-WA0029(Winner of each game highlighted in the colour)

The Semi Final had a knock after the first 5 games.

After the first 5 games, they have no relevance to the final 3 games. Meaning how you have performed in the first 5 games has no effect on the last 3 games.

The Entrance (Twist): UH – ARU – UKC

The Entrance

Who Said That: UH – ARU – UKC

Who Said That

Powder Face (Twist): UH – ARU – UKC

Powder Face

Wrong Answer: UH – ARU – UKC

Wrong Answer

DJ Play My Tune (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): UH – ARU – UKC

DJ Play My Tune



Ballin (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): UH – UKC


Krazy Karaoke (Twist): UH – UKC

Krazy Karaoke

Tag Me: (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): UH – UKC

Tag Me

UH join MCR and BCU in the biggest event of the summer #TheBigClash Final 2015. In a final that is looking to be a ‘movie’ (These uni terms I guess) who will be the final team to complete this fatal four way?

Last Pic

The Big Clash Semi Final Review: DMU v NN2 v BCU

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“Your Dance Like Me didn’t bang though…

It was the strobe lighting”.

Line Up

Semi Final number 2 took place at the heart of the Midlands in Leicester where winners DMU and NN2 and runners up BCU came to together in an eagerly anticipated clash for all those involved. This clash being for the second spot in #TheBigClash Final 2015.

All teams came into this semi final prepared and ready to take part in a very different clash with twists and #ItsAllOnYou added on the games.

Here’s how the rundown for the second ever Semi Final went:

SF_Rundown_3_DMUvsNN2vsBCU(Winner of each game highlighted in the colour)

The Semi Final had a knock after the first 5 games.

After the first 5 games, they have no relevance to the final 3 games. Meaning how you have performed in the first 5 games has no effect on the last 3 games.

The Entrance (Twist): DMU – NN2 – BCU

The Entrance

Wrong Answer: DMU – NN2 – BCU

Wrong Answer

Powder Face (Twist): DMU – NN2 – BCU

Powder  Face

Through The Straw (#ItsAllOnYou): DMU – NN2 – BCU

Through The Straw

DJ Play My Tune (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): DMU – NN2 – BCU

DJ Play My Tune



Ballin’ (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): DMU – BCU


Krazy Karaoke (Twist): DMU – BCU

Krazy Karaoke

Tag Me (#ItsAllOnYou): DMU – BCU

Tag Me

BCU will now join MCR at #TheBigClash Final 2015. ITwo of the first teams entering the final in their debut seasons showing that the newbies should never be overlooked. With the support of all univerisites in Birmingham we are sure that BCU will bring a crowd full of craziness, wildness and plenty plenty smiles.

Two down, 2 to go.

*packs bags and heads back to London*

Last Pic

Important Announcement RE: #TheBigClash CCU V SSX V KU

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It is with great regret to say that #TheBigClash team have to postpone the 3rd Semi Final which was scheduled for tomorrow.

The clash between Kingston Sussex and Canterbury.

Due to unforeseen complications and issues with the venue we have no other choice but to postpone the Semi Final till a later date.
The team has tried all they can do to find another venue but as we are short of time, postponing it is all we can do for now.

We apologise for any inconvenience and stress this may have caused you. But we will definitely find an alternative solution soon.
If you have purchased a ticket you do not need to worry, it will still be valid on the rescheduled date.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Kind regards
The Big Clash Team


NB: This will not have any effect on the 4th Semi Final on Tuesday.

The Big Clash Semi Final Review: MCR v AU v COV

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“Your scenario:

You must act out that you have been knocked out from #TheBigClash”

Line Up

#TheBigClash added another piece of history to our books by having the first ever semi final in Birmingham.

Winners MCR and AU and runners up COV all faced each other in the first semi final 3 way to see who would be the first team to enter the biggest event of the summer: #TheBigClash Final 2015.

All teams came into this semi final prepared and ready to take part in a very different clash with Twists and #ItsAllOnYou added on the games.

Here’s how the rundown for the first ever Semi Final went:

SF_Rundown_2_MCRvsAUvsCOV(Winner of each game highlighted in the colour)

The Semi Final had a knock after the first 5 games.

After the first 5 games, they have no relevance to the final 3 games. Meaning how you have performed in the first 5 games has no effect on the last 3 games.

The Entrance (Twist): MCR – AU – COV

I Love My Chicks: MCR – AU -COV

I Love My Chicks

Wrong Answer: MCR – AU – COV

Wrong Answer

Through The Straw (#ItsAllOnYou): MCR – AU – COV

DJ Play My Tune (Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): MCR – AU – COV

DJ Play My Tune



Ballin'(Twist & #ItsAllOnYou): MCR – COV


Krazy Karaoke (Twist): MCR – COV

Krazy Karaoke

Tag Me (#ItsAllOnYou): MCR – COV

Tag Me

MCR became the first team to enter #TheBigClash Final 2015 with a performance that can only be desribed as top class. In their debut season they have shown how to banter, get crazy and put smiles on the faces of the audience and viewers.

One down, 3 to go.

*Looks over to a certain city in the Midlands*

Final Pic

#TheBigClash on Pulse88Radio

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#TheBigClash are bringing banter to radio as special guests on the Certified UK radio show on Pulse 88 TODAY from 11pm-1am.

Shayna & Naomi will be hosting of #TheCertifiedShow on Pulse88radio with members of The Big Clash Team, so lock in… It’s gonna be a wild one

Lock in to Pulse88 on: 88.0fm / / pulse88 app.


image1 (3)