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    Will The Big Clash ever go abroad again?


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    Question: Will The Big Clash ever go abroad again?

    PM’s response to question: Going abroad

    Yes! OMG absolutely.

    • We’ve been to Cyprus, Ayia Napa,
    • We’ve been to Amsterdam
    • and of course we’ve been to America.

    I want to go to all those places again. My goal is to take the brand to Canada. I really want to do a small tournament out there. Not just that though, we almost could have gone to Ghana in 2018. That for me is also still a goal and if we can do a show out in West Africa. I tell you what. I’ll cry on that stage. Anything is possible, they didn’t think we could do it in America and we did. Let me just shout out our America family. We love you, we miss you and soon link up!!!! [Andrea, Temi, AD!, BRI 🇸🇱🇱🇷 , REX 🇳🇬
    ESTHER 🇳🇬 , IVAN🇨🇲 , TOSIN 🇳🇬, ALEXIS 🇬🇭 , Mr CHARMING 🇳🇬 , TOAFIK 🇬🇭 , BERNICE 🇨🇲 , GREG 🇳🇬 and everyone else in Baltimore]

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