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    What is happening with Season 8 and The Big Clash?


    COVID-19 really ruined all of the fun.

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    Question from Jessica: What is happening with Season 8 and The Big Clash?

    PM’s response to question:

    Season 8 is coming to a halt.

    What that means is as a competition, Season 8, The Battle Tour is no more. Doesn’t mean though that if something changes that we can’t suddenly go back. It does however put pressure on the participants. They must also want to return to Season 8. At the same time many are now in their 2nd or 3rd year of studies or live too far apart to meet and rehearse for the gameshow. These were big factors in the decision to halt the season as is the increased uncertainty in being able to facilitate live shows across the country. 

    More is being expected from the brand on the entertainment perspective. Something we will start to deliver online. The season was amazing. With Leeds making their debut and teams really living up to the expectations that come with taking part in our show. It’s sad that we won’t have a champion. Its really sad that we couldn’t give you semi-finals and a final. Doesn’t mean we will leave you guys empty handed. No. We will work on providing some salvation to an unprecedented year.

    Read the PMs message about season 8 here

    In the meantime, we won’t be launching Season 9 until we can humbly bring an end to Season 8.

    A closing party? A live-stream? *fingers crossed*

    At the moment we are working on ensuring safety over anything. The pandemic is real and we can’t take it for granted. Got me sounding like Boris but honestly, as much as I’d love to throw an event. I’ve got to acknowledge the wider impact it could have on lives. Got to respect it. 

    We will however keep you occupied with some brilliant online content during this second lockdown, so make sure you are locked in and subscribed to our socials.

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