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    Will The Big Clash ever go abroad again?

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    Role: Referee

    Question: Will The Big Clash ever go abroad again?

    PM’s response to question: Going abroad

    Yes! OMG absolutely.

    • We’ve been to Cyprus, Ayia Napa,
    • We’ve been to Amsterdam
    • and of course we’ve been to America.

    I want to go to all those places again. My goal is to take the brand to Canada. I really want to do a small tournament out there. Not just that though, we almost could have gone to Ghana in 2018. That for me is also still a goal and if we can do a show out in West Africa. I tell you what. I’ll cry on that stage. Anything is possible, they didn’t think we could do it in America and we did.

    Let me just shout out our TBC family in America. We love you, we miss you and soon link up!!!! [Andrea🇬🇭, Temi🇳🇬, AD!🇳🇬, BRI 🇸🇱🇱🇷 , REX 🇳🇬 ESTHER 🇳🇬 , IVAN🇨🇲 , TOSIN 🇳🇬, ALEXIS 🇬🇭 , Mr CHARMING 🇳🇬 , TOAFIK 🇬🇭 , BERNICE 🇨🇲 , GREG 🇳🇬 and everyone else in Baltimore]

    Scroll through photos of our time in America here:

    We have a Youtube video of our time in America on Facebook, Click to check it out here::

    The Big Clash in America FULL VIDEO

    Hows about some cheeky BTS clips from our trip?

    We’ve been to Ayia Napa in Cyprus thanks to a partnership with Napa Splash in 2016.

    Napa Day 1 Short Clip

    Napa Night 1 #TeamWavey

    Napa Day 2 Pool Party

    We’ve been to Amsterdam in Netherlands thanks to a partnership with Barfest in 2017.

    Can Universities still apply and can people still get involved?

    Getting involved with The Big Clash is an opportunity not many can say they got to have.


    Role: Stage Team

    Question: Can Universities still apply and can people still get involved?

    PM’s response to question:

    Yes. To be honest, I’m so excited to welcome new teams and people to the brand and the gameshow.

    Teams can apply and people can get involved. A lot of planning is being done alongside new changes. We are hoping for new enthusiastic volunteers with fresh ideas to take the gameshow to another level. Colleges, Universities even dormant teams from London can apply. It’s a new age for TBC, people should relish this new opportunity and shouldn’t dare think twice about it.

    Universities – New Universities can submit their interest to take part in the new season of The Big Clash Gameshow, it has yet been announced how Season 9 will run due to the COViD-19 restritcitons but the team are prepared to plan ahead and are welcoming new entries. Popular and previous Universities must still re-apply even if they took part in Season 8.

    Colleges – A new opportunity to take part is open to those willing to have a taster of The Big Clash Gameshow in the form of the A-Teen Special.

    TeamsA new London based ( non-student) competition is being planned for 2021. If you feel you’d be interested in being a part of the planning team, or to be a contestant please do get in touch with us.

    Volunteers: You maybe interested in joining The Big Clash team, the idea of working with like-minded, creative fun people. We share the same aims of providing great entertainment, an expressive platform, all for the sake of protecting and uplifting our culture. If you feel you can take the gameshow; our brand to another level by doing or partaking in any role, then get in touch. We are looking forward to having you a part of our history.

    Testimonies from Season 7

    “Brought out the best in me…”

    The Big Clash is now an international platform, helping young people express themselves through a gameshow involving the arts.  I personally love The Big Clash because, it has brought out the best in me. Ive been challenged in so many way, and feel as an individual I’ve developed-attaining skills for life.

    Jacko – MVP, 2018 IG:@__jxcko

    “One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is self control…”

    TBC is a platform to showcase and explore talents (some You may not even know you had). It is a personal journey where you meet friends, challenges and many different experiences. My experience has taught me skills applicable to my day to day. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is self control, working in has team pushed me to be aware of different characters and how to be more sensitive towards them . The season has highlighted my own personal strengths and weaknesses and has given me the confidence to not only work on them but to embrace them also. This experience is truly what got me thru first year, uni has just been shambles outside this loooooool.

    Tinashe – TeamUH Finalist, 2018 IG:@_tnshy

    “Allowed me to become a better person…”

    TBC means everything to me. Whilst many label TBC as “a dancing show”, I label it as an opportunity that enables one to enhance their current gifts and also expand their knowledge in different areas. Not only has the brand allowed me to become a better person, it has allowed me to meet new people, people that I aim to keep close to me for the rest of my life. 

    Roxanne – TeamUH Finalist, 2018 IG:@roxannevanessa

    “Showing that you have something different that the world can see as unique…”

    TBC is a platform in which young people like ourselves come out and show people what we have. TBC is also a family, people of different backgrounds coming together to make something out of nothing. It’s more than just dancing, it’s about showing that you have something different that the world can see as unique. 

    Kevin – TeamDMU Finalist & Champion, 2018 IG:@km_ftp

    “Helped me improve my communication skills”

    The Big Clash has been a pivotal part of my university experience. It has enabled me to break out of my comfort zone, be open to meeting new people and gaining new skills. TBC to me is a breath of fresh air and allows me to express myself while dealing with the harsh reality of university. – Bernita”

    What TBC means to me is that it is a platform where different types of individuals can come to express theirselves and grow whether it’s in their talent or generally improve their confidence. Also, I believe TBC has helped me improve my communication skills by working in a team. – Jemima

    Bernita & Jemima – TeamLesta Finalist, 2018 IG:@ bernitazm , @jemimaugiomoh

    Please note, not all applications will receive a reply.

    Is there going to be a new champion for Season 8?

    Everyone wants to know the answer to this!


    Role: Stage Team

    Question: Season 5 Essex, Season 6, NTU, Season 7 DMU, is there going to be a new champion for Season 8?

    PM’s response to question:

    Season 8 is set to go down as a season without a verified champion.

    The Big Clash Gameshow as a competition at the moment aren’t able to find a feasible way to have a new champion for Season 8. We will only do so if there was a way we felt will be fair and very justifiable with no subjective entities.

    Our last Final, was in 2018. Where DeMontfort; TeamDMU came out triumphant. Beating Aston; TeamAU, Hertfordshire; TeamUH and their neighbours Leicester; TeamLEI. Ironically the show was billed as the “The Last Encounter”, at the time only something to go along with the Sci-Fi theme we had. Who was to know up until now, it is indeed the last encounter we would have to crown a champion.

    It does mean DMU remain champions. There’s no change in that. Fingers crossed we get to do a final in 2021.

    The Final like all of the previous others took place in London at venue familiar too The Big Clash team, The Clapham Grand in Clapham south London. The last time we had an event there was in 2014. A final that Middlesex of north London; TeamMDX were crowned champions.

    Watch The Big Clash Final (Sci-Fi theme) in full here



    Who doesn’t love a bashment routine. We picked out a few from Season 8’s Dance Like Me and have ranked them here for your enjoyment. Question is, did we get the rankings right?

    No.1 – TeamUKC [Kent]

    No.3 TeamBCU [Birmingham City]

    No.5 TeamWLV [Wolves]

    Extra TeamLDS [Leeds]
    No.2 TeamDMU [DeMontfort]

    No.4 TeamNN2 [Northampton]

    No.6 TeamNG1 [Nottingham]

    Extra TeamUOE [Essex]

    Will TBC ever return to Colleges or was it a one time special?

    It was a special time in 2019 to have been able to make such a project a reality.


    Role: Stage Team

    Question: Will TBC ever return to Colleges or was it a one time special?

    PM’s response to question:

    Yes man i loved it, can’t lie.

    The Big Clash will return to Colleges.

    A-Teen Special wasn’t the first time we had worked with Colleges however it was the first time we delivered it in a format similar to that of the University competition. I can’t yet set a time for when but I do know we would need volunteers to come forward to help make the project happen once again. If interested please do hit me up, several roles are available. Let’s make it happen again. Maybe this time looking at colleges outside of London. #ATeenSpecial

    Watch The A-Teen Special Final featuring 4 Colleges and a performance by Jaij Hollands, hosted by Whitney Veniya & Uncle D

    What is happening with Season 8 and The Big Clash?

    COVID-19 really ruined all of the fun.

    Birmingham City vs Coventry [S8] – Yes No Maybe Snippet


    Role: BTS/Media Team/Operations

    Question from Jessica: What is happening with Season 8 and The Big Clash?

    PM’s response to question:

    Season 8 is coming to a halt.

    What that means is as a competition, Season 8, The Battle Tour is no more. Doesn’t mean though that if something changes that we can’t suddenly go back. It does however put pressure on the participants. They must also want to return to Season 8. At the same time many are now in their 2nd or 3rd year of studies or live too far apart to meet and rehearse for the gameshow. These were big factors in the decision to halt the season as is the increased uncertainty in being able to facilitate live shows across the country. 

    More is being expected from the brand on the entertainment perspective. Something we will start to deliver online. The season was amazing. With Leeds making their debut and teams really living up to the expectations that come with taking part in our show. It’s sad that we won’t have a champion. Its really sad that we couldn’t give you semi-finals and a final. Doesn’t mean we will leave you guys empty handed. No. We will work on providing some salvation to an unprecedented year.

    Read the PMs message about season 8 here

    In the meantime, we won’t be launching Season 9 until we can humbly bring an end to Season 8.

    A closing party? A live-stream? *fingers crossed*

    At the moment we are working on ensuring safety over anything. The pandemic is real and we can’t take it for granted. Got me sounding like Boris but honestly, as much as I’d love to throw an event. I’ve got to acknowledge the wider impact it could have on lives. Got to respect it. 

    We will however keep you occupied with some brilliant online content during this second lockdown, so make sure you are locked in and subscribed to our socials.

    PM breaks silence over Season 8 continuance

    Project Manager for The Big Clash Gameshow explains what will happen with Season 8.

    Two weeks ago, I finally sent a letter to all representatives and participants of season 8 to deliver them the daunting and possibly already established reality about the future of the competition.

    Dear Supporters of The Big Clash

    Project Manager, MrKookies

    Before I go on, The Big Clash is nothing without its supporters, fans, audience whichever way you feel comfortable at being addressed. If you’re reading this, then you’re one of the people I cherish. I need to acknowledge the growth and consistency of the brand and its people. Where we are now is at a very humbling stage but it’s not the final chapter at all.

    It comes with the greatest regret to confirm that as of October 1st, 2020, Season 8 of The Big Clash has come to an immediate halt. The season will not end in its traditional format. I know right. Really? You love the big clash, as do I. I suppose it was very difficult for me to accept things for what it was, to go along with keeping things alive during the pandemic.

    If not for Covid-19, the 2020 pandemic

    Nobody could have seen the pandemic coming as it did. How it completely reshaped humanity in front of our very own eyes. Although it may be somewhat true, for me I take full responsibility for not at least giving us some relief in the form of entertainment during the lockdown. 

    We did have our DJ, DNA do a few Insta Lives. As well as our hosts, Whitney Veniya and Mistar Alvin launched a new online segment to keep people occupied. We just weren’t as inventive or consistent. That’s really down to me too. As a project manager and with the vast experience I’ve held over the years. I most certainly was not prepared for this. I guess nobody really was.

    I don’t like making excuses as it is easy to explain how my mental health, fatherhood, full-time work, and resultantly an unexpected global pandemic has left me in a weak, unforgiving mindset that has led to creative blocks and many days taking distant sabbaticals from the brand. It’s been tough and has taken me a while to fully recover mentally and physically. 

    Time, effort, money, and sacrifice are what people involved with the brand have put in.

    This isn’t just a thing we did a few months ago and can just leave it in the drawer for another time. This is a 9-year-old organisation that has seen a lot of cultural positives and developed so many amazing characters. It’s not fair nor is it right to have been so silent this long. 

    The reality of continuing the competition in its original format is not going to happen anytime soon. A reality I believe many of you accepted a while ago. We’ve waited for some changes in the laws but it’s now time we can no longer get back and we must move forward.

    Let’s give Season 8 a positive send off.

    season 8

    I’d like to retain some integrity in that Season 8 will not just end so flat but to invite those still interested to get involved in some online activities, filming, and generally a bit of fun. I’ll be championing better communication till the end of this year, 2020.

    We understand from a lot of you that ‘this is just long’. I can accept that I’ve probably disappointed many of you, especially with infrequent updates and communication, to have at least kept you in the loop. However, I’m confident now that as long as we have committed individuals we can continue to make the best of what is to come.

    If you do have any immediate questions please do drop us an email or look out for posts on our website coming soon.

    Kindest Regards, Project Manager – MrKookies

    Does The Big Clash do collaborations?

    Watch videos to hear Temi’s questions

    Temi introduces herself.


    Role: Referee

    Question: Does The Big Clash do collaborations?

    PM’s response to question:

    This of course comes on the back of us breaking our silence. We’ve had a lot of thinking time, maybe too much. 

    Yes indeed! Where would be we be without them. We’ve collaborated with, BET International, Supermalt, WhatsUpTV on Sky1, Barfest, Napa Splash, Drewscakes, FiFi’s Cakes, Temi’s Cakes, Diverge, WhoCaresLTD I’m trying to remember others right now but there’s been loads.

    Very close to collaborating with Grace Foods who were heavily interested but of course talks stalled due to the pandemic in 2020. 

    The truth is we want brands, teams or people who will raise the awareness of what TBC is about. To also be able to give our audience something we can’t give them. I enjoy all brands that put strong emphasis on culture, entertainment and positivity. If that sounds like someone you know. comma tell them we are keys and they should bring the lock. 

    In 2017 we collaborated with Sky Ones, Whatsapp TV who created a segment highlighting our show on their programme
    In 2017 we collaborated with BET who gave our winning contestants souvenirs
    in 2015 our final was sponsored by Supermalt