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Season 8 Statements
Project Manager Statement
Season 8 as a team, a brand a culture, As PM I want to see a team emerge greater than that of #TeamDMU Season7. I want people to embrace the platofrm and become better versions of themselves. Let us have fun, let us get ready for the battle

Rep Officer Statement
Team BCU is back and better than ever. Watch this space, the team this year is coming full force and isn't holding back one bit. I want my team to most importantly have fun and take advantage of the experience of being involved in TBC and aim higher this year to win the rounds and overall the show. Don’t sleep on team bcu this year. We don’t sleep in the B4 baby.
Meet The Team
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Rep Officers
As rep officers we work to spark a domino effect. We believe that by promoting a hard work ethic and positivity into our reps it will subsequently reflect onto the teams. Therefore come show day it’s nothing but their talents presented. So it may take some unravelling to see but trust us, we are working. We’ve seeked out those we know have potential as leaders, helped them along the way and hope to see them continue to harness these skills. To our crazy bunch of reps, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and has made our role extremely fulfilling.
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