Season 8 of #TheBigClash is here! 🤗 A two year campaign filled with events and projects #ForTheCulture🙌🏾 We will also focus on #OurBattle as people. 🤲🏾 Using our platform to create stronger awareness and support for mental health. 🙏🏾 More than just a Gameshow. #TBCSeason8💚

This season it’s all about “Go Green For The Culture”. As you should know by now The Big Clash is serving up a two-year campaign with Season 8. We want green to be a symbol of peace and unity. Black culture is an asset and we are here to make sure we are loved.

Everything about the new motto is fitting due to the battle We feel all of use are going through as people. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Here #ForTheCulture, here to put smiles on peoples faces. Here to entertain. Its #OurBattle to achieve more. #TheBigClash

Over the years we’ve created a culture of positivity, fun and opportunity. Aiming to increase the growth and self-expression of young people through our platform. Enhancing the ability, talent, personality and adaptability of our community. We do it #ForTheCulture💚 #TheBigClash









You might be concerned that we are not doing University Gameshows till 2019/2020. Well, we will be back. We love you so much that we are making sure its going to be the best for you 2000 babies. 2019-2020 we deya! It will be CRAZY🤪 It will be WILD😁 You’ll look back at this tweet an SMILE 😘 #TheBigClash


Season 8 Colour = GREEN #GoGreen – Peace, Positivity and Good Renewable Energy
Season 8 Theme = #ForTheCulture – Endorsing Black Culture
Season 8 Campaign = #OurBattle – Mental Health Awareness


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