PM breaks silence over Season 8 continuance

    Project Manager for The Big Clash Gameshow explains what will happen with Season 8.

    Two weeks ago, I finally sent a letter to all representatives and participants of season 8 to deliver them the daunting and possibly already established reality about the future of the competition.

    Dear Supporters of The Big Clash

    Project Manager, MrKookies

    Before I go on, The Big Clash is nothing without its supporters, fans, audience whichever way you feel comfortable at being addressed. If you’re reading this, then you’re one of the people I cherish. I need to acknowledge the growth and consistency of the brand and its people. Where we are now is at a very humbling stage but it’s not the final chapter at all.

    It comes with the greatest regret to confirm that as of October 1st, 2020, Season 8 of The Big Clash has come to an immediate halt. The season will not end in its traditional format. I know right. Really? You love the big clash, as do I. I suppose it was very difficult for me to accept things for what it was, to go along with keeping things alive during the pandemic.

    If not for Covid-19, the 2020 pandemic

    Nobody could have seen the pandemic coming as it did. How it completely reshaped humanity in front of our very own eyes. Although it may be somewhat true, for me I take full responsibility for not at least giving us some relief in the form of entertainment during the lockdown. 

    We did have our DJ, DNA do a few Insta Lives. As well as our hosts, Whitney Veniya and Mistar Alvin launched a new online segment to keep people occupied. We just weren’t as inventive or consistent. That’s really down to me too. As a project manager and with the vast experience I’ve held over the years. I most certainly was not prepared for this. I guess nobody really was.

    I don’t like making excuses as it is easy to explain how my mental health, fatherhood, full-time work, and resultantly an unexpected global pandemic has left me in a weak, unforgiving mindset that has led to creative blocks and many days taking distant sabbaticals from the brand. It’s been tough and has taken me a while to fully recover mentally and physically. 

    Time, effort, money, and sacrifice are what people involved with the brand have put in.

    This isn’t just a thing we did a few months ago and can just leave it in the drawer for another time. This is a 9-year-old organisation that has seen a lot of cultural positives and developed so many amazing characters. It’s not fair nor is it right to have been so silent this long. 

    The reality of continuing the competition in its original format is not going to happen anytime soon. A reality I believe many of you accepted a while ago. We’ve waited for some changes in the laws but it’s now time we can no longer get back and we must move forward.

    Let’s give Season 8 a positive send off.

    season 8

    I’d like to retain some integrity in that Season 8 will not just end so flat but to invite those still interested to get involved in some online activities, filming, and generally a bit of fun. I’ll be championing better communication till the end of this year, 2020.

    We understand from a lot of you that ‘this is just long’. I can accept that I’ve probably disappointed many of you, especially with infrequent updates and communication, to have at least kept you in the loop. However, I’m confident now that as long as we have committed individuals we can continue to make the best of what is to come.

    If you do have any immediate questions please do drop us an email or look out for posts on our website coming soon.

    Kindest Regards, Project Manager – MrKookies


    Project Manager