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    Is there going to be a new champion for Season 8?


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    Question: Season 5 Essex, Season 6, NTU, Season 7 DMU, is there going to be a new champion for Season 8?

    PM’s response to question:

    Season 8 is set to go down as a season without a verified champion.

    The Big Clash Gameshow as a competition at the moment aren’t able to find a feasible way to have a new champion for Season 8. We will only do so if there was a way we felt will be fair and very justifiable with no subjective entities.

    Our last Final, was in 2018. Where DeMontfort; TeamDMU came out triumphant. Beating Aston; TeamAU, Hertfordshire; TeamUH and their neighbours Leicester; TeamLEI. Ironically the show was billed as the “The Last Encounter”, at the time only something to go along with the Sci-Fi theme we had. Who was to know up until now, it is indeed the last encounter we would have to crown a champion.

    It does mean DMU remain champions. There’s no change in that. Fingers crossed we get to do a final in 2021.

    The Final like all of the previous others took place in London at venue familiar too The Big Clash team, The Clapham Grand in Clapham south London. The last time we had an event there was in 2014. A final that Middlesex of north London; TeamMDX were crowned champions.

    Watch The Big Clash Final (Sci-Fi theme) in full here

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