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Season 8 Statements
Team Captain Statement
“I want the public to know that MCR isn’t a team to be underestimated. We have vim, talent and creativity to take us all the way. Watch out for us basically! We are here to win but we also want to enjoy ourselves, make lifelong memories, meet new people and make new friends. We don’t just have the energy WE ARE THE ENERGY!!!”.

Team Rep Statement
As a team rep I have confidence in my team and I’d just like to let you all know MCR is not a force to be reckoned with this season. We want to accomplish victory and through this also build confidence, enjoyment and come together as a unity. What we want the public to know?- We have energy, all rounded talent, and we’re ready to fight to get to the finals.
Meet The Five
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The Team


To be the best you’ve got to beat the best. Your team of five will compete against 11 other Universities in our inter-University competition. A gameshow designed to help them break out of their comfort zones and grow as an individual but also to compete as part of a team. Support your five, follow, interact and cheer them on!
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T1: Team MCR Chant Video
Behind The Scenes
Every University/team will have one team rep and at least two promo reps. These reps are people who would have applied separately and believe they have what it takes to help get your University to the Final in Summer 2020.


Promo Rep


Promo Rep


Promo REP


Each registered team will have up to two TBC Champions who will be someone in The Big Clash Team. Our Team has tons of experience and knows all about the high standards required to win the Gameshow. Meet Shumi and Munashe, they’ve been given the aim of getting Manchester back to The Big Clash Final 2020.
TBC Champion


TBC Champion


#TeamMCR History (Click on tabs to reveal)

1Season 8
Leeds v Manchester
Date - February 2020
Location - Leeds

2Season 7
Hull v Manchester
Date - 15th February 2018
Winner - Hull
Location - Hull

3Season 6
Manchester v Wolves
Date - February 1st 2017
Winner - Manchester
Location - Manchester

4Season 5
Manchester v DeMontfort
Date - November 13th 2016
Winner - Manchester
Location - Manchester

Semi Finals 2016
Aston v Coventry v Manchester
Date - April 19th 2016
Winner - Aston
Location - Birmingham

5Season 4
Manchester v Nottingham Trent
Date - November 14th 2014
Winner - Manchester
Location - Manchester

Semi Finals 2015
Manchester v Aston v Coventry
Date - March 25th 2015
Winner - Manchester
Location - Birmingham

Final 2015
Manchester, Hertfordshire
Sussex, Birmingham City
Date - July 16th 2015
Winner - Manchester
Location - London