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    How are we as a team going to overcome this season?


    Probably the best but the toughest question to answer right now.


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    Question: How are we as a team going to overcome this next upcoming season because of COVID-19?
    How will we be able to get back on track? because everyone wants it

    PM’s response to question:

    This of course comes on the back of us breaking our silence. We’ve had a lot of thinking time, maybe too much. 

    We will be overcoming our setbacks in stages. Where we look at our current options to satisfy our audience online and continue to plan for the next time we can all meet up socially. Ensuring that mental health is a priority, I’m looking to announce a partnership with a mental health brand to create awareness but also offer solutions. To recruit fresh, enthusiastic new minds and ideas. It will all take time but step by step the 3 points I’ve outlined will start to emerge. In the middle of the stages, we will have a more social media presence, create more safe opportunities, activities, and platforms for self-expression and development. Above all, let’s stay positive about it. Positivity Breeds Happiness!!!

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