No we haven't forgotten about uploading footage from The Big Clash Final 2017. Don't worry. Its coming soon. cc: Media Team

We've made it to Season 7, can you believe it?, Thank you for all the support..
Now let's get down to business, this season is all about the challenge. There's one major challenge we have set up for you. Tell us! Are you ready to take on The Big Clash Gameshow? If so get your phones out, open your laptops head to social media and hashtag #iChallengeYou. Call out other Universities, Teams, Potential Contestants. Who will challenge the champions #TeamNTU

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All spaces have been taken for Season 7 of The Big Clash Gameshow. In the case of any drop-outs we will open up registration once again..

Registration opens on Monday 21st August 2017 and closes September 14th.

You can register your University to take part in Season 7 in under 5 mins.

If you are a new University or Team you can apply. All applications will be discussed. To apply for Team Rep or Campus Rep please click the buttons below. Thinking about taking part then register by clicking the warm up button.
Must attend the registered University full-time or part-time


What is the Warm Up?
It’s like a mini Clash to see who’s got what it takes to represent YOUR University! Think you're good enough to take on the challenges at The Big Clash Gameshow? Then SIGN UP!

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