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    Can Universities still apply and can people still get involved?


    Getting involved with The Big Clash is an opportunity not many can say they got to have.


    Role: Stage Team

    Question: Can Universities still apply and can people still get involved?

    PM’s response to question:

    Yes. To be honest, I’m so excited to welcome new teams and people to the brand and the gameshow.

    Teams can apply and people can get involved. A lot of planning is being done alongside new changes. We are hoping for new enthusiastic volunteers with fresh ideas to take the gameshow to another level. Colleges, Universities even dormant teams from London can apply. It’s a new age for TBC, people should relish this new opportunity and shouldn’t dare think twice about it.

    Universities – New Universities can submit their interest to take part in the new season of The Big Clash Gameshow, it has yet been announced how Season 9 will run due to the COViD-19 restritcitons but the team are prepared to plan ahead and are welcoming new entries. Popular and previous Universities must still re-apply even if they took part in Season 8.

    Colleges – A new opportunity to take part is open to those willing to have a taster of The Big Clash Gameshow in the form of the A-Teen Special.

    TeamsA new London based ( non-student) competition is being planned for 2021. If you feel you’d be interested in being a part of the planning team, or to be a contestant please do get in touch with us.

    Volunteers: You maybe interested in joining The Big Clash team, the idea of working with like-minded, creative fun people. We share the same aims of providing great entertainment, an expressive platform, all for the sake of protecting and uplifting our culture. If you feel you can take the gameshow; our brand to another level by doing or partaking in any role, then get in touch. We are looking forward to having you a part of our history.

    Testimonies from Season 7

    “Brought out the best in me…”

    The Big Clash is now an international platform, helping young people express themselves through a gameshow involving the arts.  I personally love The Big Clash because, it has brought out the best in me. Ive been challenged in so many way, and feel as an individual I’ve developed-attaining skills for life.

    Jacko – MVP, 2018 IG:@__jxcko

    “One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is self control…”

    TBC is a platform to showcase and explore talents (some You may not even know you had). It is a personal journey where you meet friends, challenges and many different experiences. My experience has taught me skills applicable to my day to day. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt is self control, working in has team pushed me to be aware of different characters and how to be more sensitive towards them . The season has highlighted my own personal strengths and weaknesses and has given me the confidence to not only work on them but to embrace them also. This experience is truly what got me thru first year, uni has just been shambles outside this loooooool.

    Tinashe – TeamUH Finalist, 2018 IG:@_tnshy

    “Allowed me to become a better person…”

    TBC means everything to me. Whilst many label TBC as “a dancing show”, I label it as an opportunity that enables one to enhance their current gifts and also expand their knowledge in different areas. Not only has the brand allowed me to become a better person, it has allowed me to meet new people, people that I aim to keep close to me for the rest of my life. 

    Roxanne – TeamUH Finalist, 2018 IG:@roxannevanessa

    “Showing that you have something different that the world can see as unique…”

    TBC is a platform in which young people like ourselves come out and show people what we have. TBC is also a family, people of different backgrounds coming together to make something out of nothing. It’s more than just dancing, it’s about showing that you have something different that the world can see as unique. 

    Kevin – TeamDMU Finalist & Champion, 2018 IG:@km_ftp

    “Helped me improve my communication skills”

    The Big Clash has been a pivotal part of my university experience. It has enabled me to break out of my comfort zone, be open to meeting new people and gaining new skills. TBC to me is a breath of fresh air and allows me to express myself while dealing with the harsh reality of university. – Bernita”

    What TBC means to me is that it is a platform where different types of individuals can come to express theirselves and grow whether it’s in their talent or generally improve their confidence. Also, I believe TBC has helped me improve my communication skills by working in a team. – Jemima

    Bernita & Jemima – TeamLesta Finalist, 2018 IG:@ bernitazm , @jemimaugiomoh

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