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Season 8 Statements
Team Captain Statement
This season you’re going to see Essex like you’ve never seen them before, we haven’t come to battle, we’ve come to win. The talent, motivation and confidence that each champion possess is simply unmatched, it’s been a while since season 5…. I think it time to remind everyone who UOE is.

Team Rep Statement
This season we have come to change perceptions and bring a new sense of imagination, creativity and spontaneity. UOE are prepared for this competition in many different ways and now WE ARE JUST waiting to win The Big Clash. Confidence is often looked at as being vain or not knowing how to be humble but the only thing you can do is try your BEST and HARDEST and this is what we are here to do. At the end of the day we are bringing energy and a new view to how the University of Essex is viewed. UOE TO THE WORLD AND BACK BABY.
Meet The Five
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The Team


Every University/team will have one team rep and at least two promo reps. To be the best you’ve got to beat the best. Your team of five will compete against 11 other Universities in our inter-University competition. A gameshow designed to help them break out of their comfort zones and grow as an individual but also to compete as part of a team. Support your five, follow, interact and cheer them on.
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T1: Team UOE Chant Video
Behind The Scenes
Every University/team will have one team rep and at least two promo reps. These reps are people who would have applied separately and believe they have what it takes to help get your University to the Final in Summer 2020.


Promo Rep


Promo Rep


Each registered team will have up to two TBC Champions who will be someone in The Big Clash Team. Our Team has tons of experience and knows all about the high standards required to win the Gameshow. Meet Anita, who has been given the aim of getting #TeamUOE back to The Big Clash Final 2020.
TBC Champion



#TeamUOE's History (Click on tabs to reveal)

1Season 8
Essex v Hertfordshire
Date - February 2020
Location - Colchester

2Season 7
Essex v Kent
Date - February 20th 2018
Winner - Essex
Location - Colchester

3Season 6
Essex v Bournemouth
Date - March 9th 2017
Winner - Bournemouth
Location - Colchester

4Season 5
Essex v Kent
Date - March 9th 2016
Winner - Essex
Location - Colchester

Semi Finals 2015
Leicester Essex v Loughborough
Date - April 21st 2016
Winner - Essex
Location - Leicester

Final 2015
Roehampton v Essex v Aston v Leicester
Date - June 30th 2016
Winner - Essex
Location - London