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    Does The Big Clash do collaborations?


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    Question: Does The Big Clash do collaborations?

    PM’s response to question:

    This of course comes on the back of us breaking our silence. We’ve had a lot of thinking time, maybe too much. 

    Yes indeed! Where would be we be without them. We’ve collaborated with, BET International, Supermalt, WhatsUpTV on Sky1, Barfest, Napa Splash, Drewscakes, FiFi’s Cakes, Temi’s Cakes, Diverge, WhoCaresLTD I’m trying to remember others right now but there’s been loads.

    Very close to collaborating with Grace Foods who were heavily interested but of course talks stalled due to the pandemic in 2020. 

    The truth is we want brands, teams or people who will raise the awareness of what TBC is about. To also be able to give our audience something we can’t give them. I enjoy all brands that put strong emphasis on culture, entertainment and positivity. If that sounds like someone you know. comma tell them we are keys and they should bring the lock. 

    In 2017 we collaborated with Sky Ones, Whatsapp TV who created a segment highlighting our show on their programme
    In 2017 we collaborated with BET who gave our winning contestants souvenirs
    in 2015 our final was sponsored by Supermalt

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