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    Birmingham City v Coventry


    Season 8 – BCU v COV – Episode 1

    #TheBigClash – Season 8 | #LetsBattle The Battle Tour – BCU v COV – Episode 1 #S8E1

    Are you ready for the battle?! In the first fixture of the new season, we see BCU take on COV for the first time in TBC history. #B4baby #CovReady Who do you think won the battle? Do they have what it takes to win the ultimate war?


    Hosted by Whitney Veniya and Mistar Alvin

    Watch back your favourite parts here SKIP TO: • Entrance:: • Till The Last Drop:: • I Love My Chicks:: • Dance Like Me:: • Yes No Maybe:: • Tag Me:: • Positivity Breeds Happiness:: • Credits::

    Graphics & Edited by MrKookies Filmed by: Phratz, Damari, J Chinkz, Ghana Ghel, MrKookies


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