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The Big Clash is a live and entertaining Gameshow, that was founded in January 2011, and is now in its 8th season.

The Big Clash exists to create a positive difference to the student body. We work as a team to give people a platform to express and gain great self-confidence.


The Big Clash experience is an unforgettable journey filled with smiles and laughter, opportunities and new friendships. Our show encourages people to re-discover or improve on their talents and skills that have benefited them for their careers, endeavours and much more.

Our Values

Positivity Breeds Happiness

Bringing People Together

Its Crazy, It's Wild & Will Make You Smile

Creating Bonds

Positvity Breeds Happiness

We believe in delivering our message of positivity breeds happiness amongst the many. For years we have gone out to many institutions and communites with the aim of bringing people together. To have fun, be competitive and most importantly share endless amounts of smiles and good vibes.

An innovative creation born out of inspiration and good heart of individuals with a passion for the culture and entertainment. We endeavour to negate the misconception of young black youths by highlighting the positive contribution that we make in shaping tomorrows world. By using the tools of creative expressions, music, dance, culture & community ethics we hope to achieve this.

So why is The Big Clash Gameshow, crazy?

The main message behind being called a crazy gameshow is the taking in the fact nothing in the gameshow is considered entirely normal. Anything can happen. The element of surprise and the suspicion of random things happening is what makes the show as crazy and very much unique
. We are proud of our stand alone style.
We have no intention on being compared to anything or anyone but to be able to remain who we are based on what we do.
Every show is different. Different participants, crowd and games which allow the special moments to remain memorable for a long time. The show gives the green light for everyone to express themselves. You never know what someone is capable of until you give them that moment on stage.


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