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The Audition Before
The Audition.

Yes, Season 9 has arrived. We are looking for teams who are ready to bring the vibe. Show us you deserve to be amongst the elite in a season where only the best will be considered. 

Prove you have the support.

The Big Clash is nothing without your support, neither will your team. Gather support for your team with this challenge.


What is required: A Petition signed by at least 100 different individuals from your Univeristy.

Why do we need to sign up?

It's a Petition for your University to convince The Big Clash to come.

Show us that you can bring the vibe.

Good vibes and positivity is what we love to see. Everyone says their Univeristy is the best. Prove it. Send us a video using #TBCPlay.


What is required: [Video]

Platforms: TikTok / Instagram

Take on TBCs dance challenge with a twist

We will have a simple, catchy routine that people can do where we would like to see some freestyles to show individuality.


What is required: [Video] At least 2 solo entries, 1 group entry, 1 random location

Platforms: TikTok / Instagram


Simply make us laugh

Entertain us with some laughter.

Don't overthink it, have fun and express yourself.


What is required: [Video]

Platforms: TikTok / Instagram

What are you proud of?

Show us something different, show us what you are passionate about.

This is a chance for you to show us something different. Make yourself stand out from the rest. Be unique. Make us all go WOW!


What is required: [Video]

Platforms: TikTok / Instagram



Terms & Conditions

Not limited to ACS involvement, individuals can submit for their University.

You can use any social media platform to do these challenges as long as you Tag @TheBigClash and Hashtag #TBCPlay 


More than one video can be uploaded for each challenge. 


Minimum: ALL 5 challenges must be completed to be considered 

Minimum of 100 people to sign up (Challenge 1)


Deadline for submission is

Friday October 22nd 2021 - Midnight


Can I apply if I can’t dance

- You sure can, even if you have two left feet xx


I have a team already can we sign up as one?

- Great start having a team, but you will still need to audition to be selected officially


Is it only for dancers?

- No. We only have two dancing games. It's for people who like to have fun, work in teams and express themselves through entertainment.


My uni hasn’t taken part before can we still do it?

- Get ready to complete the 5 Challenges. Anyone can get involved. If you have an audience/participants who are interested, then yes it can happen. Let’s get the hype going. #TBCFAMILY


About Us

The Big Clash is a competition like no other. Two teams clash on stage, playing 7 challenging games in front of a live audience. 

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Interested in working behind the scenes. We are looking for indivduals to join our media and events team.

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