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    Does The Big Clash do collaborations?

    Watch videos to hear Temi's questions

    Will TBC be active on social media?

    Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - TikTok @Ghana_ghel Role: BTS/Media Team/Operations

    Will TBC ever return to Colleges or was it a one time special?

    It was a special time in 2019 to have been able to make such a project a reality.

    How are we as a team going to overcome this season?

    Probably the best but the toughest question to answer right now. @black_chineyy


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    Will The Big Clash ever go abroad again?

    Watch videos to hear Temi's questions @TopeTops Role: Referee

    Can Universities still apply and can people still get involved?

    Getting involved with The Big Clash is an opportunity not many can say they got to have.

    Is there going to be a new champion for Season 8?

    Everyone wants to know the answer to this! @_jxcko


    Who doesn't love a bashment routine. We picked out a few from Season 8's Dance Like Me and have ranked them here...