The Big Clash

    SEASON 8

    It is the 8th season of The Big Clash Gameshow and it’s all about the battle. Our competition, The Big Clash Gameshow strives to fuse the impeccable student atmosphere with culture, music and plenty fun and games. Well known for its dancing and quiz games, The Big Clash is very much a positive brand amongst the African-Caribbean community in the UK. The night tests contestants on their team work, creativity as well as self determination and their competitive drive for success.







    A platform for self-expression and development

    The Big Clash exists to create a positive difference to the student body. We work as a team to give people a platform to express and gain great self-confidence. The Big Clash experience is an unforgettable journey filled with smiles and laughter, opportunities and new friendships. Our show encourages people to re-discover or improve on their talents and skills that have benefited them for their careers, endeavours and much more.


    Our Values

    From my expirence TBC for ME is a platform for extreme character building. I’ve seen TBC increase people’s confidence , decrease self consciousness/insecurity, it’s broken down walls and walls of shyness and removed the masks of those hiding who they really are.


    Gave me a chance to really come out of my shell. I met some lovely individuals which I now call my family. Not only has it allowed me to brance out and network it has somewhat been an escape from the negative things in my personal life. TBC has been particularly dear to my heart being that at one point it was my only healthy outlet.


    I personally love The Big Clash because, its brought out the best in me. Ive been challenged in so many way, and feel as an individual I've developed-attaining skills for life.


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