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What is The Big Clash?

The Big Clash Gameshow is a competitive, entertainment show, filmed in front of a live theatre audience at selected institutions in the UK.

Two teams, each with five participants, compete in a live clash taking on 7 of our original games and challenges.

The highly energetic, engaging and attention grabbing show combines the cheeky banter off British culture with the expressive, vibrant diaspora of young African and Caribbean culture from the UK.


The touring event is hosted by the popular TV and radio presenter Mistar Alvin alongside co-host, DJ and presenter Whitney Veniya.

The Big Clash exists to create a positive difference to the student body. We work as a team to give people a platform to express and gain great self-confidence.


The Big Clash experience is an unforgettable journey filled with smiles and laughter, opportunities and new friendships. Our show encourages people to re-discover or improve on their talents and skills that have benefited them for their careers, endeavours and much more.

Smiles everywhere

We believe in delivering our message of  positivity breeds happiness amongst the many. For years we have gone out to many institutions and communities with the aim of bringing people together. To have fun, be competitive and most importantly share endless amounts of smiles and good vibes.


The Big Clash is the  first show of its kind in the UK, offering a family friendly experience as a viewer and participant. Giving young people the chance to be engaged in a live studio theatre and be inspired, motivated and entertained.

Small wins, Big wins, Win win win!!!

10 outta 10

 An established inter-uni competition running for the last 10 years creating a platform for self-expression. Across the years we have held over 100 events in the UK, in over 25 cities and 30 institutions.

All abroad

We’ve had the pleasure of taking our UK based production to Maryland, USA in 2018. This follows up other parternships and events in Amsterdam in 2017 and Cyprus 2016

and collaborations

In 2017 we were featured on Sky1s show WhatsUpTV, a year where we also collaborated with BET Intl. The Big Clash has had the plesure of also working with Crept Protect, Supermalt, The 02, BBC1 Xtra and many others.

Created by MrKookies, known formally as Yinka. A British-Nigerian, from South East London had the vision for The Big Clash after graduating from University. It was whilst working for the Student Union, the former ACS President founded the show on January 28th 2011 Inspired by his love of Afro-British culture, the creative arts and entertainment.,

“The Big Clash is bigger than me. I’ve realised my purpose in bringing people together and providing this platform. I will always do my very best to ensure it lasts long after I’m gone. It’s not for me. It’s for all the people it will help and has helped. It is for our culture. Black, African, Caribbean culture of the diaspora. Let us enjoy ourselves. Let us have fun.”






We embrace diversity and welcome different talents and personalities.


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